• Product Code: Prona-R-1500

Air-Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps


*R Series: Aluminium Alloy  RS Series:Stainless Steel  PP Series: Plastic

*Normal: Use USS  Ceramic: Use OSO  Casting Industries: Use ONO Strong PH: Use OTO

Alumium Alloy Pump Series   R-1500

Fluid Input Size


Maximum Pump Speed

500 cpm

Max. Pressure

7  bar

Each Cycle Capacity

0.08 L

Fluid Input Size


Max. Air Consumption Capacity

200 ml/min

Air Input Size


Particle Maximum Diameter

2 mm

Min. Starting Pressure

Planar Valve

1.6 bar

Lift Range

6.4 m Wet- 3.7mDry

Low-Pressure Valve

0.5 bar

Net Weight


Max. Passage Amount

9.37 G.P.M(36 LPM)

Carton Box Size (cm)


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